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The Alchemist

by Jorge A Livraga

Set in the times of the Spanish Inquisition, this historical novel describes the secret life of an esoteric lodge in the darkest times of the “Counter-Reformation”.

Amidst the constant dangers of discovery and potential torture and execution, Pablo Simón, a young aspirant to the Mysteries, learns about the universe as a living being and begins to discover another universe within himself.

Travelling to the East, he studies with a spiritual teacher who helps him to develop his inner powers. On his return, a meeting with the Renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno - the ‘philosopher of fire’ - leads him to another fateful encounter - with his destiny.

The Alchemist is a fast-paced, exciting tale of suspense and drama; a deep insight into the politico-religious reality of the Counter-Reformation and Renaissance Europe - and, most of all, an inspiring and profoundly moving account of the timeless and universal attempt ‘to remember that we are gods’.

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