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Introductory Course: Tue 5th March at 7 pm
Discover Philosophy
Philosophies of East and West
Philosophy means love of wisdom (philo-sophia) and is an active attitude of awareness towards life. In this sense, we are all born philosophers, with an innate need to ask questions and with the intuition that there are answers to ... more
Short Course: Tue 26th February at 7 pm
Over thousands of years, myths have helped human beings to understand aspects of life that the rational mind finds difficult to grasp (love, death, mystery...). Great philosophers like Plato have used myths and fables to explain their key concepts. ... more
Short Course: Sun 10th, Sun 17th and Sun 24th March at 4 pm to 7pm
3-week course: Plato and the pursuit of truth
Three afternoons on the Platonic ways of truth-seeking
Drama as an instrument of truth "Suddenly, a loud knocking was heard at the door, together with intoxicated voices and the sound of the pipe" – Plato, in the Symposium Plato's dialogues have challenged readers to explore questions of ... more