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Upcoming Events
Short Course: Sun 24th March at 4 pm to 7pm
3-week course: Plato and the pursuit of truth
Three afternoons on the Platonic ways of truth-seeking
Drama as an instrument of truth "Suddenly, a loud knocking was heard at the door, together with intoxicated voices and the sound of the pipe" – Plato, in the Symposium Plato's dialogues have challenged readers to explore questions of ... more
Workshop: Sat 11th May at 10 am to 5pm
According to the teachings of classical philosophy, we all possess a ‘Philosopher within’ - a part of us that asks questions and searches for the meaning in our lives and the world around us. This deep but often quiet voice ... more
Talk: Sun 19th May at 1 pm to 4pm
The first World Bee Day, proposed in 2014 by the Slovenian Beekeepers` Association and unanimously adopted by the United Nations, was celebrated on 20th of May last year. The 20th of May was chosen as a date because it is ... more
Talk: Sat 8th and Sun 9th June at 10 am to 5pm
Open Garden Squares Weekend
Visit our Bee Sanctuary and Alchemical Garden
In 2012 volunteers at New Acropolis created a bee sanctuary and garden in a derelict space at the back of our premises. Using the ancient Greek word for ‘bee’, we gave it the name ‘Melissa Garden Bee Sanctuary’. It was ... more