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Introductory Course: Tue 31st October at 7 pm
Philosophy for the Future
Philosophies of East and West
To prepare ourselves and the next generation for a rapidly changing world we need to be more grounded than ever in the timeless values and principles that have provided a stable point of reference in the past. Many of the ... more
Short Course: Tue 24th October at 7 pm
Our mind has a much bigger impact on our life than we usually realize. Knowing how our mind works allows us to take responsibility for our life and to become creators rather than remain victims. This short course (3 consecutive ... more
Talk: Wed 25th October at 7 pm
The Microbiome - the entire collection of microorganisms in a specific niche, such as the human gut - is a hot topic these days, but the importance of microorganisms in our body to overall health has been recognised for thousands ... more
Talk: Mon 13th November at 7 pm
Celebrating World Philosophy Day:
Philosophy in the Arts
"Philosophy is inherent in all human activity." If this statement is true, then the arts can also be seen as an expression of our thinking and as a quest for the universal archetypes that govern our lives. This year we ... more