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Talk: Tue 24th July at 7 pm
Immanuel Kant
Certainty in an Uncertain World
This talk will look at Kant’s ideas on morality and moral law. It will explore the question of whether morality is relative or unconditional, and how this might influence our daily actions.
Workshop: Sat 4th August at 11 am
‘Upcycling’ is the art of transforming old or waste items/materials into something new, adding value through creativity and design. Items are redirected from landfill, extending their life, creating new purposes and stories in the process. The day will be made ... more
Talk: Fri 17th August at 7 pm
The spiritual quest is deeply embedded in the adventurous paths pursued by a number of artists during the 19th and 20th centuries. From Novalis, with his all-embracing concept of poetry, to surrealism with its discovery of the world of dreams, ... more