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New Acropolis features in Parliamentary Review

This year New Acropolis UK were selected to feature in ‘The Parliamentary Review for Education Services’.

The Parliamentary Review is a British government publication which highlights best practice in different sectors of activity and is designed to inform policy makers in all areas of social, economic and political life.

As a school of philosophy in the classical tradition, we addressed the question ‘Why Philosophy?’ in the following terms:

‘Many of the problems facing humanity today – social, environmental, moral and spiritual – will not be solved long term with more technology or money alone. They are problems created by ourselves and a way of life that is the product of our thinking, that is, our “philosophy”. In order to create a future that resolves these problems, the solutions must include or, indeed, be rooted in an inner development of our thinking and collective values – that is, a change in our philosophy. How can this be achieved? This question has inspired us and guided our activities for more than 20 years.’

To read the whole article, please visit;

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