New Acropolis Events

at 7pm
Artificial Intelligence: between Myth and Reality
We often hear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will give rise to machines that will become “smarter” than humans and will dominate the world. Is this real or is it just a product of science fiction? Artificial Intelligence has indeed given us the ability to develop machines that can assist humans in many fields, ranging from medical decision-making to finance, military applications, manufacturing, security, etc. However, the term Artificial Intelligence also gives rise to a full spectrum of misunderstandings, especially when it is connected with artificial entities that possess an advanced intelligence and could supplement or even outperform humans’ own intelligence and take over the world. Contrary to what people claim, machines pose no existential threat to human beings, but we do need to be vigilant towards possible ethical risks associated with the future development of this area. In this talk, we will clarify what AI truly means, by looking at its roots and the purposes for which it was created. We will describe its development through different stages and, most importantly, we will address, demystify and have a philosophical discussion about a set of claims that are currently the focus of much debate and many concerns among people about the dangers of AI.