New Acropolis Events

Sat 4th August at 11am
Textile Upcycling Workshop
‘Upcycling’ is the art of transforming old or waste items/materials into something new, adding value through creativity and design. Items are redirected from landfill, extending their life, creating new purposes and stories in the process. The day will be made up of 2 parts – a lively talk that aims to connect this modern-day practice of upcycling to timeless philosophical ideas of transformation/alchemy, “Cradle to Cradle” learning, modelling from nature and perceptions of beauty. Following the talk (and a break) we will put some of the concepts into practice in a creative sewing session (bring along some old clothes for rejuvenation!) No experience is needed. The workshop is brought to you by Barley Massey, owner of Fabrications in Broadway Market.
Saturday, 4th August at 11:00AM