New Acropolis Events

Short Course
at 7pm
Egyptian Wisdom for Today
2 evenings 4 presentations
Does ancient Egypt still have a message for our time? This short course with 4 different sessions invites you to discover the spirit of this mysterious civilization that lies at the root of our modern culture and has - through the currents of Pythagoreanism, Platonism and the Corpus Hermeticum - continued to inspire Western civilization. By examining certain facets of the cosmovision and lifestyle of ancient Egypt, we will seek inspiration to “build towards the future”

First evening (Wed 20 Sept)
Philosophy in Ancient Egypt
Many people think the Egyptians had no philosophy, only religion and magic. However, a deep study of their culture reveals an underlying philosophy behind everything they did. Their world view was one of unity in multiplicity, in which all things become differentiated in order to travel a path towards reunification and peace.
Psychology in Ancient Egypt Although psychology was only established as an independent scientific discipline in the late 19th century, its roots are much older. Ancient Egyptians identified many different aspects of the human psyche and had a profound awareness of what contemporary neurocardiology has labeled the “consciousness of the heart”.

Second evening (Wed 27 Sept)
The Egyptian Book of the Dead This session will lead you on a journey through the Papyrus of Ani, a more than 3,000-year-old scroll whose original is housed in the British Museum. It contains teachings about the different stages of the passage of the soul from death to after-life and is beautifully illustrated.
Invisible Egypt
Over thousands of years, symbols have been used to express the ineffable and to create a bridge between the invisible and visible dimensions. This session invites you to discover the timeless importance of the symbolic imagination and will help you understand the meaning of some of the most well-known symbols of ancient Egypt.