New Acropolis Events

at 7pm
Soil, Soul, Society
a new trinity
- Satish Kumar

Human aspirations have often been expressed in trinities. Father, Son and Holy Spirit inspire the Christian vision. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness focused American aspirations. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité drove the French Revolution. Mind, Body and Spirit was at the heart of the New Age movement. Now in the age of ecology, Soil, Soul, Society is a new trinity, to inspire us to work towards a holistic world-view. Thus we can act to bring environment, spirituality and humanity together.

Satish Kumar is a long-term activist for peace and ecology, editor of Resurgence magazine, guiding spirit behind Schumacher College, author and much sought-after speaker in the UK and abroad.
Due to the anticipated popularity of this talk and our limited space, tickets will have to be purchased in advance via our website by Tues 28 March. Apologies that people without tickets at the door will have to be turned away.