New Acropolis Events

Past Events
Thu 21st November at 7pm
Celebrating World Philosophy Day:
Philosophers of the British Isles

This year, New Acropolis in London has decided to dedicate World Philosophy Day to an eclectic selection of British and Irish Philosophers. How have these philosophers, from a range of different eras, contributed to the growth and development of culture in Britain and Europe? And can their contributions still help us navigate our lives today?

The evening will consist of various short presentations on the theme “Philosophers of the British Isles” .
  1. John Scotus Eriugena.
  2. Thomas Hobbes
  3. Lady Ann Conway
  4. R.G. Collingwood
  5. Bertrand Russell

There will be buffet-style refreshments provided both during the break and after the event with time for philosophical conversation.

Thursday, 21st November at 7:00PM
Short Course
Thu 28th November, Thu 5th and Thu 12th December at 7pm
Discover Classical Music
- Sabine Leitner

This short course is aimed at people who would like to expand their understanding and appreciation of classical music and discover more of the beauty that has enchanted generations of listeners. We will listen to selected pieces (on CD) and each evening will be dedicated to a particular epoch, starting with Baroque, followed by Classical and finally Romantic music. The evenings will also give an overview of the historical times and the ideas that inspired each of these movements, as well as some information on the composers. By the end of this short course, you will hopefully feel that you have gained in general knowledge and developed your inner senses to connect with music in a deeper way.

The presenter, Sabine Leitner, studied music at the universities of Graz and Vienna and ran her own music school in Vienna for several years. She has lived in London since 1996, where she is Chair of the New Acropolis School of Philosophy, and Director of the International Tristan Institute for Music and Art Education.