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Tue 16th June from 7pm to 8:30pm
Online Talk: Philosophy for Living
Practical teachings for everyday life

This talk will focus on the practical applications of philosophy, based on the idea that every human being has a philosopher inside, i.e. one who wants to become a wiser and better human being, able to deal with the different situations of life and think of others as well as oneself.

Topics will include some of the most common issues of our everyday lives, such as time management, problem solving, improving communication or dealing with fear - all from a philosophical perspective based on a deeper understanding of life.

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Sat 25th July from 10am to 5:45pm
Dante’s Divine Comedy
an Allegory of the Soul’s Journey

Dante’s Divine Comedy is not only considered to be one of the greatest works of world literature, it is also a timeless description of the ascending path of the Soul, full of psychological insight.

This workshop will give you an introduction to this masterpiece and a key for understanding the text that will enable you to discover its deeper meaning for yourself. It will consist of both theory and practical exercises that will help you to experience various stages of the journey in a deeper way.

In light of the current situation, this workshop will run either as a 1-day full day on Saturday 25th July at our premises in Islington. Or it will run as two 3-hour zoom sessions, the first on the evening of Friday 24th 6-9pm and the second during the morning of Saturday 25th 10-1pm.

Saturday, 25th July at 10:00AM
Wed 5th August at 7pm
Science, Technology and the Future of Humanity

Over the past 200 years, since the beginning of the Industrial age, humanity has been relying more and more on the progress of science and new technologies for providing us with better health, wealth and comfort.

But with technological progress come environmental consequences as we exploit more and more finite resources to sustain our insatiable appetites.

We are now arriving at a critical time when we need to make important decisions on what kind of future we want, for ourselves and the future generations.

Wednesday, 5th August at 7:00PM
Thu 20th August at 7pm
The Hidden Origins of Rome

Many of us will certainly be familiar with the legacy of Rome and the Roman Empire: from great feats of engineering and military conquests to its political structures and arts. However, all of these represent only the material attributes of the civilisation.

The aim of this talk is to show that the greatness that was Rome rested in many ways on esoteric and sacred-magical foundations.

We will explore the notion that it was these foundations which enabled the spirit of a true civilisation to come into being.

Thursday, 20th August at 7:00PM