New Acropolis About Us

New Acropolis is a philosophical and cultural movement. Our mission is to revive philosophy as a means of renewal and transformation, to promote the timeless values that have been at the heart of all civilizations and to offer a holistic education based on the philosophical traditions of East and West.

New Acropolis understands philosophy in its classical sense as love of wisdom. Wisdom is something practical and active rather than purely intellectual. It is knowing how to act, learning to discern what is right and knowing which ends are worth striving for. Philosophy is a quest for the profound meaning of life and for the understanding and mastery of oneself.

New Acropolis was founded in 1957 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi (1930 - 1991). Today, it is present in more than 50 countries on five continents and has branches in over 400 cities. New Acropolis achieves its aims through an International Non-Profit Cultural Organisation with its headquarters in Brussels. Its areas of activity are: philosophy, culture and volunteering.

The meaning of the name

In ancient Greece, the Acropolis was the highest part of a city and contained its most important buildings. Acro-polis literally means 'high city'. Drawing a symbolic analogy between a city and an individual, we can imagine that we also have within ourselves an 'elevated' place where our highest and most noble elements reside. The name inspires us to ascend and to discover this 'high city' within ourselves.